TrekStepper Instructions

How to use the TrekStepper®

When fitting the TrekStepper, it is important that they are snug. To fit them, first find a convenient rock or area of flat, hard ground so that each one can be spread out. Place your boot in the TrekStepper and apply your full body weight before you do up the bindings. If you try to fit TrekStepper sitting down you’ll find this slower and more awkward, and it can lead to less secure fastening as the TrekStepper may not sit correctly on your boots. Do practice fitting your new TrekStepper before attempting to fit them for the first time in the middle of a hike!

Prior to using the Trekstepper, ensure that there is no debris buildup on the bottom of your boot which will interfere with the intended use of the accessory. When attaching the accessory, use your preference in placing the buckles on the right or left side of the boot. Make sure that the front of your boot is fully engaged in the unit. The front strap should be tightened first. Both straps should be tightened enough to prevent the boot from slipping out during use.

The Trekstepper is for use on trails and typical mountain hiking terrain consisting of dirt and gravel. It is not designed for use on rock faces nor ice.


When descending slopes, face directly down the fall line. Keep your feet flat so that all of your TrekStepper is placed in a positive manner. TrekStepper should be used in conjunction with hiking poles.

NB: As with any piece of equipment, there are limitations to the Trekstepper. Please use the Trekstepper for its intended purpose only.