Problem: Hiking Knees Solution: Trekstepper Result: Keep on Hiking

Our Product


We are excited to provide you with a new product which will allow you to keep enjoying the mountain hiking lifestyle for many more years. Your knees will thank you.


Mountain hiking stresses the cardiovascular system during the climb, while the descent strains the knees. Although a person’s cardiovascular conditioning can be improved with exercise and lifestyle choices, regardless of age, knees are often injured and weakened during a person’s life.


As a hiker descends a slope, he/she has to “brake.” Most of the “braking” is done by the knees. This strain is exacerbated by the steepness of a slope, the weight of the hiker and the additional weight of hiking clothing, equipment, and supplies.


Remove, or reduce the angle of the slope. Attached to a hiker’s boots, the TrekStepper offsets the angle of a downslope. With the TrekStepper, a descent is similar to going down a series of steps, thereby requiring little, if any, “braking.” The TrekStepper consists of a raised platform that attaches to the ball of the foot, thus lifting the front part of the foot and maintaining it on a level plane.

Trekstepper diagram